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If you have experienced credit problems in the past due to divorce, job layoff, or other reasons, get in contact with Bautista Loans today. We have many finance programs designed to help people with previous credit issues or limited credit. Don’t let a previous bankruptcy or a low credit score stop you from getting a loan for what you need. Bautista Loans will give you a chance to explain your credit situation and develop a tailor-made solution . Give us a call today or email us.



Expertly administered loan options


Multiple Offices in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia


Bautista Loans designs all our products and programs with the customer in mind.


Bautista Loans offers affordable personal and title loans to fit your needs and budget.

Why Choose Bautista Loans?

Bautista Loans is a leader in consumer lending. With multiple branch offices in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia, we can help you when you need us the most. We offer flexible financing plans and re-financing options. We also have great terms and low payments for all sorts of personal loans.

  • Personal Loans and refinancing
  • Boat Loans
  • Vacation
  • Home Improvements
  • Furniture
  • Medical Expenses
  • Auto Repair
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Education

Bautista Loans, your friend in finance !

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